Intermediate Microsoft Word

Course Objectives

Attendees will be shown techniques which give greater control/automation when creating documents. Using Sections; Header & Footer; Paragraph Styles; AutoText.


Some previous experience in using Microsoft Word is recommended.

Course Duration

1 day

Course Content

  • Revision
    • Review of Introduction day
    • Revision Exercise
  • Using Tab Stops
    • Setting Tab Stops
    • Moving / Removing Tab Stops
    • The Tabs Dialog Box
  • Sections and Page Setup
    • Splitting a document into Sections
    • Setting Margins / Page Orientation
    • Setting Paper Size / Paper Source
    • Vertical Alignment
    • Spacing Before and After
  • Using Header & Footer
    • Setting up Header / Footer
    • Header & Footer Tools
    • Formatting Page Numbers
    • Layout Options
  • Paragraph Styles
    • Creating a Paragraph Style
    • Applying Styles to Existing Paragraphs
    • Revising Styles to Quickly Format Text
  • Automatically Adding Text
    • The AutoCorrect Facility
    • Creating AutoText Entries
    • AutoText as Standard Paragraphs
  • Templates
    • Creating a New Template
    • Using a Template
  • Searching for Text
    • Finding Text
    • Replacing Text
    • Using Bookmarks
    • The Go To command
  • Spelling & Grammar
    • Manual Spell Checking
    • Checking Grammar
    • Using Thesaurus

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