Advanced Microsoft Word

Course Objectives

This course shows delegates techniques which are useful when creating longer documents. Also covered are some more advanced features such as Mail Merge and Revision Marking.


Some experience in using/creating documents would be beneficial.

Course Duration

1 day

Course Content

  • Working with a Longer Document
    • Features to make this easier
  • Using Sections
    • Working with Different Section Types
    • Creating a Running Header
    • Creating a Footer which changes
    • Re-setting the Page Number
  • Paragraph Styles
    • Creating and Applying Styles
    • Revising a Style
    • Other Style Features
  • More Paragraph Features
    • Spacing Before and After
    • Keeping Text Together
  • Bullets and Numbering
    • Creating a Simple List
    • Customising Bullets & Numbers
    • Multi-level Numbered Lists
    • Using Styles with Multi-level Lists
  • Inserting Information
    • Inserting the Date and Time
    • Inserting Symbols
    • Using Fields for Other Information
  • Table of Contents
    • Creating a Table of Contents:
     Using Built-in Styles
     Using Custom Styles
    • Formatting the Table of Contents
  • Creating an Index
    • Marking Entries for an Index
    • Generating the Index
  • Working with Pictures
    • Importing a Picture File
    • Manipulating a Picture
    • Formatting a Picture
    • Creating Drawing Objects
    • Formatting Drawing Objects
  • Mail Merge
    • Creating a Mail Merge Document
    • Select Recipients
    … Using an Existing List
    … By Creating a New List
    • Editing the Recipient List
    • Building the Main Document
    • Performing the Merge
  • Newspaper Columns
    • Creating the Columns
    • Formatting the Columns
    • Other Column Features
  • Revision Marking
    • Tracking Changes to a Document
    • Tracking Options
    • Accepting / Rejecting Changes

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