Advanced Microsoft Project

Course Objectives

This course gives an in-depth understanding of the techniques used in Microsoft Project. Calendars; Fields; Tasks; Scheduling; Resources; Costs; Tracking.


Some experience in using/creating a Project Plan would be beneficial.

Course Duration

1 day

Course Content

  • All about Calendars
    • Base Calendars
    • Resource Calendars
    • Task Calendars
    • Scheduling a Group of Resources
    • How Calendars interact
  • All about Fields
    • Overview of Fields
    • Working with Custom Fields
    • Adding Fields to a Table
    • Using Fields in other Projects
  • Scheduling Tasks
    • Project Settings and Scheduling
    • Task Duration and Scheduling
    • Task Dependencies and Scheduling
    • Constraints and Scheduling
  • Scheduling Resources
    • What is Work
    • Making Resource Assignments
    • Editing Resource Assignments
    • Using Work Contours
    • Resource Availability
  • Material Resources
    • Defining Material Resources
    • Assigning Material Resources
    • Editing Assignments
  • All about Costing
    • Set Rates for Resources
    • Using the Accrue at setting
    • Varying Rates for Resources
    • Working Overtime
    • Using Material Resources
    • Using Cost Resources
    • Adding Fixed Costs
  • Tracking a Project
    • Baselines and Interim Plans
    • Saving a Baseline
    • Recording Progress
    • Monitoring Progress
    • Tracking Work
    • Reassigning Work
    • Rescheduling Work
    • Saving an Interim Plan
  • Earned Value Analysis
    • Earned Value Fields
    • EVA Settings
    • Using Physical Percentage Complete
  • Importing Task Information
    • Importing from Excel
    • Defining the Import Map
    • Importing the Data

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