VBA programming in Microsoft Excel

Course Objectives

Delegates will learn how to use Visual Basic coding to add extra functionality to a Microsoft Excel workbook.


Attendees should be comfortable working with Microsoft Excel.

Course Duration

2 days

Course Content

  • Introduction to Macros
    • Recording a Macro
    • Using Relative References
    • Running a Macro
    • Viewing the Code
  • Writing/Editing Code
    • The Visual Basic Editor
    • Editor Options
    • The Code Window
    • Modules and Procedures
  • Variables
    • Declaring Variables
    • Forcing Declaration
    • Arrays
  • Objects, Properties and Methods
    • The Excel Object Model
    • Referring to Worksheets and Workbooks
    • Working with Properties
    • Using Methods to Perform Actions
  • Using Range Objects
    • Cells / Range Properties
    • Other Useful Properties
    • Working with a Region
    • Naming Ranges
  • Dialog Boxes
    • Message Boxes
    • Input Boxes
  • Control Structures
    • If-Then-Else
    • Select Case
    • Do-While Loops
    • For-Next Loops
  • Modules and Procedures
    • Using Sub-Procedures
    • Scope of Variables
  • Function Procedures
    • Using Built-in VBA Functions
    • Writing Function Procedures
    • Using Standard Excel Functions
  • User Forms
    • Creating a Custom Dialog Box
    • Adding Controls
    • Setting Properties of a Control
    • Writing the VBA Code
  • Debugging Tools
    • Dealing with Logic Errors
    • Working in Break Mode
    • Stepping Through Code
  • Dealing with Errors
    • Error Handling Statements
    • Identifying Errors
  • Responding to Worksheet/Workbook Events
    • Where the code should go
    • Workbook Events Handlers
    • Worksheet Event Handlers

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