VBA Programming in Microsoft Access

Course Objectives

After completing this course an attendee will be able to use Visual Basic coding to add extra functionality to a Microsoft Access database.


Attendees should be comfortable working with Microsoft Access.

Course Duration

2 days

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • Some Definitions
    • The Visual Basic Editor
    • VBA Editor Options
  • Creating Modules
    • Creating a Standard Module
    • Creating a Function or Procedure
    • Programming Techniques
  • Using Variables and Expressions
    • Naming Conventions
    • Declaring Variables
    • Data Types
    • Assigning Values
  • Some useful Built-in Functions
    • Text Functions
    • Date Functions
    • Numeric Functions
  • Branching and Looping commands
    • If … Then
    • Select Case
    • For … Next
    • Do … Loop
  • Using the MsgBox Function
    • Giving the User some Information
    • Storing the User Response
    • Responding to the User Response
  • Handling Bugs in Your Code
    • Language Errors
    • Run-time Errors
    • Dealing with Logic Errors
    • Debug Window
    • Breakpoints
    • Tips for Reducing Bugs
  • Working with Forms
    • Form Properties
    • The DoCmd Statement
    • Validating Form Entries
    • Using Code to Change Form Properties
  • Working with Tables
    • Using the Correct Library References
    • Databases and Recordsets
    • Checking for Duplicate Entries
  • Working with Queries
    • Storing the Query Definition as SQL
    • Altering the Definition
    • Generating the new SQL Statement
  • Dealing with Errors
    • The On Error Statement
    • Interpreting Error Codes

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