Rapid Learn Microsoft Access

Course Objectives

During the two half day sessions, attendees will be taken from fundamentals right through to competent user level.


Attendees should be comfortable using a modern PC system.

Course Duration

2 x ½ days

Course Content

  • Database Creation
    • Designing a Table
    • Field Properties and Data Types
    • Setting a Primary Key
    • Saving the Table Design
  • Adding and Editing Data
    • Working in a Datasheet
    • Adding, Deleting, Saving and Undoing
  • Altering the Table Design
    • Altering the Design
  • Working in a Datasheet
    • Changing the layout of a Datasheet
  • Simple Queries
    • Designing a Query
    • The Query Design Window
    • Selecting Fields/Records to Show
  • More Query Features
    • Calculating Query during a Query
    • Sorting and Totalling in a Query
  • Forms Design
    • Creating Forms with a Wizard
    • The Forms Design Window
  • Report Design
    • Creating Reports with a Wizard
    • The Report Design Window
  • More about Datasheets
    • Finding Information in a Datasheet
    • Replacing Information
    • Sorting and Filtering in a Datasheet
  • Relationships between Tables
    • The Northwind Sample Database
    • Multi-Table Queries
    • Creating the Relationships
  • Custom Forms
    • Starting from Scratch
    • Control Properties
    • Using List / Combo Boxes
    • Check Boxes / Option Buttons
    • Calculations on a Form
  • Custom Reports
    • Starting from Scratch
    • Sorting and Grouping
    • The Control Types to be Used
  • Action Queries
    • Make Table Queries
    • Append Queries
    • Delete Queries
    • Update Queries
  • Macro Design
    • Creating a Macro
    • The Macro Design Window
    • Saving and Running the Macro

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