Introduction to Microsoft Access

Course Objectives

This course introduces attendees to the concepts of Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports in a Microsoft Access database.


Some experience using a modern PC system would be a benefit.

Course Duration

1 day

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • Tour of the Screen
    • The Ribbon
    • Quick Access Toolbar
    • Setting Options
  • Database Creation
    • Database Terminology Explained
    • Designing a Table
    • The Table Design Window
    • Field Properties and Data Types
    • Setting a Primary Key
    • Saving the Table Design
  • Adding and Editing Data
    • Working in a Datasheet
    • Adding new records
    • Deleting existing records
    • How the application saves data
    • Explanation of the Undo feature
  • Altering the Table Design
    • Rearranging Fields
    • Inserting & Deleting Fields
    • Changing Field length
    • Changing Field type
  • Working in a Datasheet
    • Font and Cell effects
    • Column Width & Row Height
    • Hiding & Freezing Columns
  • Simple Queries
    • Designing a Query
    • The Query Design Window
    • Placing Fields in the Grid
    • Selecting Records with Criteria
    • Saving and Running the Query
  • More Query Features
    • Calculating Data during a Query
    • Sorting into various orders
    • Totalling in a Query
  • Forms Design
    • Creating Forms with a Wizard
    • The Forms Design Window
    • Moving Controls and Labels
    • Formatting and Aligning Objects
    • Saving and Using the Form
  • Report Design
    • Creating Reports with a Wizard
    • The Report Design Window
    • Understanding Report Sections
    • Saving and Running Reports

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