Advanced Crystal Reports

Course Objectives

Following on from our Introduction to Crystal Reports course, this course gives attendees a more advanced understanding of the product.


A good understanding of Windows and this application is recommended.

Course Duration

1 day

Course Content

  • Connecting to Data
    • Data from Microsoft Excel
    • Exercise – A Report from Excel
    • Data from Microsoft Access
    • Database Expert
    • Creating a report based on multiple tables
    • Creating a report based on a Query
    • What is SQL?
    • Creating a Command
    • Modifying a command
  • Parameter Fields
    • How to create a Discrete Parameter Field
    • Edit Masks
    • How to create a Parameter Field with Multiple choices
    • How to create Multiple Parameter Fields with Multiple choices
    • Using a Pick List in a Parameter Field
    • Using a Range of Values
  • Sub-Reports
    • Creating an unlinked Subreport
    • Creating a linked Subreport
  • Inserting Objects
    • Using Hyperlinks
    • Adding a linked OLE object
  • Section Expert
    • Adding new sections
    • Merging Sections
    • Deleting Sections
    • Modifying Sections
    • Displaying each record on a separate page
  • Advanced Formulas and Functions
    • Creating Formulas
    • Using a Currency Variable
    • Using Array Variables
    • Using Range Variables
    • Using a For Construct
    • Using a While construct
  • Running Totals
    • How to add a running total field
    • How to modify a running total field
  • Report Alerts
    • Creating a Report Alert
    • Modifying a Report Alert
  • Inserting & Formatting Charts
    • How to create a Chart using Chart Expert
    • How to modify a chart
  • Inserting & Formatting Maps
    • How to create a Graduated Map using Map Expert
    • How to resolve a Map Mismatch
    • How to create a Ranged Map

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