Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator

Course Objectives

This course is designed for anyone who wants to use the program to create graphics for use on the Web, in print or in other media.


A basic understanding of Windows is recommended.

Course Duration

2 days

Course Content

  • The Illustrator Environment
    • Getting familiar with Illustrator
    • Navigating in Illustrator
    • Creating and Saving Files
  • Creating Simple Illustrations
    • Drawing Basic Shapes
    • Modifying Objects
    • Painting with Brush
  • Achieving Precision
    • Drawing Paths
    • Editing Objects and Paths
  • Adding Colours
    • Changing Fill and Stroke Colours
    • Manipulating Stroke Options
    • Eyedropper and Paint Bucket
  • Working with Text
    • Using the Text Tools
    • Using the Type Palettes
    • Altering Text
  • Working with Layers
    • Working with Grouped Objects
    • Using the Layers Palette
  • Printing Illustrations
    • Adjusting the Document
    • Print Specifications
  • Advanced Type Features
    • Using the Tab Ruler
    • Advanced Features
  • Modifying Images
    • Transforming Objects
    • Using Pathfinder
    • Managing Colours
    • Creating Masks
  • Applying Filters and Effects
    • Using Colour / Distort filters
    • Pen and Ink filters
    • Applying Effects
  • Working with Raster Images
    • Using Raster Art
    • Filters and Raster Images
  • Saving / Importing / Exporting
    • Saving files in Native formats
    • Importing files
    • Exporting to other file formats
  • Illustrator for the Web
    • Creating Hyperlinks
    • Saving files for the Web
  • Automating Tasks
    • Recording and Playing Actions
    • Modifying Actions

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